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Nine Jet Pond Fogger <br>with LED Lights

9 Jet/Disk Outdoor Pond <br>Fogger w/ LED Lights9 Jet/Disk Outdoor Pond
Fogger w/ LED Lights
We are offering our Super Powered 9 Jet (Disk) Pond Fogger with LED lights for only $165.

Please click on this photo for a huge enlargement.

Now you can purchase a 9 Jet Fogger with floating buoy to create fog 10 feet in diameter. It's best to place this in the center of your pond so it will spread fog out 5 feet in all directions.

  • Dimensions: 4.75 inches (dia.) x 2-1/4 inches tall
  • Power cord is 32 feet long.
  • 2700 ml/hour

    One year warranty on electrical parts. Must be returned if defective. Warranty is void if you run your fogger more than 8 hours without giving it a rest for 1 hour.

    FG204LRRegular price: $249.00Sale price: $165.00
  • Disk ReplacementsWhen the mist stops and cleaning the disk with a soft dry cloth doesn't do the trick, you need a new disk, which comes with a key to open the slot.

    MO15Regular price: $5.95Sale price: $4.50, 2/$8.00, 3/$11.25, 5/$17.50

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